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year old woman in oregon jumped in her car and drove off after two kids tried to rob her at gun point. the boys later to be found 7 and 11 years old. demanded money and her phone. >> i was afraid he would shoot my tires or window. i didn't think i was safe. >> brian: the boys were caught and turns out the gun was not loaded it is not known how they got the gun. they were turned over to their familis and the case is expected to go to jv court. >> brian: two students are accused of bringing brownies laced with marijuana in case and making the professor and class mate in sick. the student was arrest sent to jail. they are charged with control substance. they could face prison time for that prank. >> gretchen: it is the rest of the show. make brian. okay. >> brian: you talk a lot in the break. there is gretchen on camera. >> gretchen: that's the way you are going to look. >> brian: this is how william wakes up. >> gretchen: keep it going and you will disappear off of the screen. moving on. police in columbus, ohio using pepper tray - on spray. 2000 people showed up to try to get in the su
with a folks news alert. breaking newings. witnesses say he stormed in a portland, oregon mall shouting i am the shooter. terrified shoppers tried to run for safety. the man wearing body armor and came flauge killed two people and seriously injured a third before taking his own life. many escaped and others hunkered down. the mall remains closed today and police have yet to release the name of the shooter although they know who he s. >> steve: shawn [-fls] shopping in the mall when they heard the gunshots and they join us live from portland. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> steve: shawn you and your girlfriend and ryan had just sat down in the food court and made a purchase at panda express and opened a fortune cookie that said what? >> i opened my fortune cookie that said live for today and remember yesterday and live for tomorrow. >> steve: that's when you heard what? >> i heard the first pop. >> gretchen: what did you think it [-fls]? >> at first i thought member dropped something heavy until the second and third pop and i knew it was a gunshot and i dropped on the
in western oregon set free, let out of jail not because they don't pose a danger to the public, but because lane county, oregon can't afford to keep them locked up. now law enforcement officials warn that if a fiscal cliff deal isn't reached in washington, more prisoners may be released. what does this mean for crime and public safety and is there another solution? let's ask a retired nypd inspector and founder of the cordero group. >> thank you. >> juliet: in this one instance, western oregon, dozens of inmates are released. one of them actually gets released and goes straight to rob a bank. you know, you're hoping at least the people they're releasing are reich low level kind of petty crime guys at the very least that they're not sending out bank robbers. what's happening here? >> i think that is the problem. we're talking about low level offenders in this case. but reality is low level offenders, we really got to ask ourselves, how many times has that low level offender offended and that what is the likelihood they will reoffend and commit more serious crimes? i really think we need to a
in oregon, the best selling book recounted how co-author started building schools in pakistan and afghanistan. it came under scrutiny last year when "60 minutes" alleged it contained numerous fabrications. >>> a friends of jovan belcher says he was battling football related head injuries before he committed murder and suicide. the friend said he was taking pain killers because of the injuries, drinking every day, and had short-term memory loss. he also claims belcher's girlfriend threatened to leave him for good because of their constant arguments. the couple had tragically a three-month-old daughter together. meantime, bob costas at nbc is criticized -- being criticized for using sunday night football to push for gun control measures. >> jovan belcher's action and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. who knows? but here, wrote jason hitlock, if he didn't possess a gun, he and cassandra perkins would both be alive today. >> gretchen: critics are saying that half time may not have been the place to discuss politics and that people, not guns, kill people and t
shooting in oregon. according to police, 22-year-old jacob roberts had no history of serious trouble, but an ex-girlfriend said he just quit his zoo be a deli, sold his belongings and bought a plane ticket to hawaii. a family friend spoke on behalf of his mother. >> she wishes to express her shock and grief at the events at clackamas town center on tuesday. she has no understanding or explanation for her son's behavior. >> gretchen: roberts killed 54-year-old nurse cindy ann yuille and 45-year-old father of two, steven forsythe. roberts then turned the gun on himself. >>> did you know that for $50, a jealous husband can download an app to track his wife's location without her ever knowing? it's about to be illegal today. the senate judiciary committee is about to outlaw cyber stalking apps that run in secret on cell phones. i guess this would be if women wanted to follow men, right? >> steve: anybody. >> gretchen: one week from today, we will hear from secretary of state hillary clinton on the benghazi, libya attack that left chris stevens and three other americans dead. she is goin
headlines. new details about the man who opened fire inside a crowded mall in oregon. jacob roberts' roommate said he had a weird look on his face when he left the house that day. roberts shot and killed two people inside the mall before turning the gun on himself. the mall set to reopen a little bit later this morning. >>> could jenny rivera have avoided death? it turns out she made a last minute decision to take that deadly plane ride. she was offered a room for the night, but took off to her next destination instead. >> gretchen: that's sad. today we wrap up our paws for a cause series. all week we've been telling you how you can help dogs in need in time for christmas. here with us today is. >> brian: deborah allrick, from a mixed breed rescue, and michaela. who are your special friends? >> this is pixie right here and this is twiggy. >> brian: these puppies? >> twinkie. >> gretchen: she could be twiggy, yeah. >> is a yorkie. she's blind. and this is pixie. we really don't know what she is. >> steve: this is the time of season when i know you guys try very hard to make sure that
recovery the wreckage. he was identified through dna testing. one oregon mom gets a special early christmas gift from her son. >> merry christmas. >> i can't believe it. >> gretchen: that is sailor jeremy fogul. his mom didn't think he would make it home. sue said the surprise means that because jeremy spent last christmas in afghanistan as well >> clayton: merry christmas to all of the brave men and women around the world. this debate is not going to go down soon. the debate over gun control in this country . this comes on the heels of what happened on friday whenways conference that was critized and he was set to go on meet the press this weekend and everybody was going to see if he would offer up a consession. he's not budging at all. >> if it is crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our scol call me crazy. i tell you what, i think the american people think it is crazy not to do it. it is the one thing that keeps people safe and the n ra will do that. we'll support the appropriation before congress to put police officers in the school. they protect the president. they pr
. the bus apparently slid off an icy highway and crashed into a ravine in oregon during a trip from las vegas to canada. the driver apparently lost control of the bus, crashing through a guardrail, then plummeted 200 feet down the slope. the mountain pass the bus was on is known for dangerous weather conditions. >>> accused of pushing a man to death will undergo a psychiatric examination. 31-year-old aircraft coo menendez was laughing so much, her lawyer told her to stop when she was arrested. she told police she pushed the man because she thought he was a muslim and wanted revenge for september 11. >>> and check it out. nasa releasing its favorite pictures of the year. 500,000-mile long solar flair exploding by the sun over the summer. the historic landing of the rover on the surface of mars. there you go. saddlely images of sandy churning the waters along the east coast. that blows my mind. here is shuttle's final voyage taken it flew over the capitol. that's really cool. finally, a little bit of fun. three craters on mercury's surface that look -- >> clayton: like mickey. >> dave: pe
is going broke? jim is a contributor to the daily caller and he joins us from portland, oregon. good morning to you. >> i am fine. >> steve: 40 year was teaching you decided to go ahead and retire and you have a nice benefit with tiaa kraft . you call would social security and then asked you what about somebody's availability to visit your children? >> that's right. after deciding whether or not to take my benefit, immediately or do it retroactively which was a surprise to me. i needed to set up an interview with a social security person about my dependent children and their eligibility. a total surprise to me. >> steve: that's right. have always figured that if somebody is kill would or dies, and they have minor children that there is some sort of social security benefit for the survivors, you are telling us that you discovered that you are very much alive and you have retire now your children are eligible for social security. >> i have three children under the age of 18 and what i learned through this short interview i had with the social security administration, they would be elig
back not so far ago to that shooting at the oregon mall and the guy had already murdered two people. i think his gun jammed. then right over there was a guy in the mall who had pulled up issue he had a concealed permit to carry a gun. he pulled out his gun, the guy saw the guy with the gun and killed himself. was that a deterrent? >> brian: this happened, too, when this guy saw the first responders enter the building, that's when he killed himself. they got there quicker or if somebody else was able to point a gun back at him, he stops. >> steve: what they do in harrold is they have special training for the teachers and other staff members to make sure they understand gun safety and when they should not use it. it is putting the people in a pickle. if you were 20 minutes away from help and somebody comes in with a gun, if you had somebody there with a gun, they might be able to deal with it right there. >> gretchen: these are all fantastic points. i'm just saying from looking through my kids' eyes or through mom's eyes, it's a tough issue. >> brian: don't wear camouflage or uniform. dr
,000 miles away in oregon running near a busy highway. a local humane society tracked down cane's owner by using his identity chip. that is a nice christmas gift if you get your pooch back after nine months. >> gretchen: let's go other headlines. 7:30 in the morning on the east coast, so much for taking action after the benghazi terrorist attack. exclusive report in the new york post reveals the punishment for four state department employees who didn't do their jobs could be bogus. we're told the assistants secretary of state eric boswell who resigned after a scathing report on the attack only gave up his appointed part of his position. not his other duties. he and three other employees put on administrative leave will be allowed back on the job and back on the state department payroll. >>> his job is supposed to be reporting the news, but nbc's david gregory has become the news for this. >> here is a magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets. >> gretchen: the only problem is that washington, d.c. gun laws say that just carrying a magazine that can hold more than ten rounds of amm
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)